Sino-German Summer School “Advanced Manufacturing Systems – the Factory of the Next Generation”
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The Graduate School of Excellence advanced Manufacturing Engineering (GSaME) conducted the first Summer School between April 15th and 28th in cooperation with the Shanghai-Hamburg College of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST).

Supported by the Sino-German Center for Research, the Summer School offered 40 doctoral students and young scientists of the participating organizations an excellent opportunity to get to know research systems and strategies as well as the cooperating institutions in Germany and China. Furthermore they learned a lot about methods of advanced manufacturing engineering and were able to explore and discuss several technological and organizational research approaches of current and future production systems in terms of globally interconnected production. 2012_05_16_Program_Summer_School.pdfProgram Summer School

The Prorector of Structure of the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Berroth, and the Director of the Sino-German Center for Research, Prof. Chang Qing, opened the Summer School officially.

Methodologically-conceptionally, the Summer School was oriented consistently along its fundamental dual approach and connected theoretical knowledge in management and technology with practical use and training in an innovative way.

Involving the experts of the GSaME, the Chinese partners and the extern contributors from science and practice, an access to the newest scientific findings concerning the factory of the future and a competitive production that operates in a sustainable manner was imparted to the participants by presentations. Additionally 6 workshops and training in practice at the iTRAME studying factory of the Institute for Manufacturing and Factory Business Operation (IFF) and a visit to the robot laboratory at the Frauenhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) were offered. The participants of the Summer School got the opportunity to visit the Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components (IFKB) and to get information about the institute’s latest research. Furthermore the group had the possibility to compare its knowledge to the state of the art in practice and to complete it during a factory tour at the engine production of DAIMLER AG at Untertürkheim.

In group work with mixed teams (Chinese and German) topics of projects concerning automobile production were developed and presented afterwards during the Summer School with the goal to find solutions. In a final presentation the teams were able to show their excellent conclusions to a jury, which proclaimed a winning team. After the presentations there was a group discussion, which formed the scientific conclusion of the Summer School.

By having the experience of an attractive social program, the participants got the chance to make themselves familiar with the highlights and the traditions of the area, to get to know each other and to establish contacts. This included a visit to the Mercedes Museum, sightseeing in Stuttgart and Heidelberg and a visit to the spring festival “Cannstatter Frühlingfest”.

By having a final dinner, a Summer School rich of experiences and events found its end in an amicable atmosphere.

All of the involved persons considered the Summer School as a success and attested an excellent organization and a big value of benefit for the participants. For this reasons, the partners aspire an invitation to Shanghai for a continuation next year with the aim to continue with new and/or out immerged themes.