New Progress in International Exchange and Collaboration of USST
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On the morning of April 2, a delegation led by President Teuscher from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) had paid a visit to USST. President Ding Xiaodong, along with Vice President Cai Yonglian and other persons in chief positions from USST met with them.

President Ding Xiaodong of USST attended the meeting

President Teuscher of HUAS attended the meeting

Vice President Cai Yonglian of USST attended the meeting

This is the second visit that President Teuscher has paid to USST since he first came to USST in April of 2018. President Ding gave an introduction about the overall plan of the “Double- First Class” construction, he also discussed the academic results of characteristic disciplines and the future development blueprint of USST. Both sides had a deep discussion on: the annual enrollment of electrical automation and mechanical manufacturing at Shanghai-Harmburg College (SHC), the joint graduate promotion program, the program for exchange students from German to China, the management and promotion of E-learning platform and some other issues.

The international exchange and collaboration between HUAS and USST started in 1985, which is also regarded as an important cultural exchange program between Hamburg and Shanghai. In 1998, the two universities started to enroll students based on collaborative projects, which represents a milestone for the collaboration between USST and other universities abroad. Since 2014 SHC has made a deep exploration into German Professional Accreditation, which has greatly influenced the internationalization and development of USST’s specialties.